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Graduate Program

New York University awards students in the Draper Program a Master of Arts degree on the completion of 32 credits (eight courses) and a master's thesis. A minimum of four courses must be taken within the Draper Program; the remaining courses may be taken in other departments and programs in the Graduate School. Extensive faculty advising follows students' course selection, monitors academic progress, and assists in the development of long-term goals. Exploration and innovative interdisciplinary work is promoted through the Draper Program's faculty, courses, and the unique relationship it enjoys with other departments and programs in the Graduate School.

The Draper Program offers a combination of flexibility and rigorous academic training. Part of the Program's success results from personal, individual faculty advisement. Students are advised by the program's director and associate director, other members of the Program's faculty, and by selected faculty in the Graduate School at large.

Advising extends beyond course selection and the master's thesis. An interdisciplinary graduate degree can be shaped to reach many different goals, and it is here that the expertise of the faculty proves especially valuable. Draper graduates move into doctoral programs, professional schools, and many kinds of productive careers, ranging from teaching at the secondary level to mass media production to Wall Street. New York University, the Graduate School, and the Draper Program possess a wide array of resources to assist in the formation and completion of these longer-term objectives.

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